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I really love this series in a way that I don't wholly and unreservedly love most books.


I loved it at first because of its heroine, Alex, who is (that dreaded phrase) a "strong female character". And she is, but she's more than that - she's a whole person, one who even in hopeless circumstances retains hope and humanity, but who isn't indomitable; who has breaking points. During the second and third books I came to love the other characters that get pulled into the limelight too. Bick does a fantastic job of humanizing people who make horrible, impossible choices.


The books go at breakneck speed, particularly book two and three. Generally that's a good thing, but I could've used a little room to breathe. It got to the point where there were literally dozens of chapters in a row all ending in massive cliffhangers. But there's a LOT of material in these books, so I get that there wasn't really space for more breathing room. Just be prepared for a wild ride.